Accessibility Tools


What’s this?

An fun and interactive learning tool! You could even call it a game.

Who’s it for?

Two versions: one for people in mental health recovery, and one for recreation providers and practitioners


  • Because recreation is vital for a healthy, vibrant life.
  • Research shows that recreation involvement can be a very important part of recovery from mental illness.
  • People in mental health recovery often have barriers to recreation that keep them from participating.
  • There are many strategies people in recovery can use, and many supports recreation providers and practitioners can offer to help make recreation accessible.

What will participants get out of using the learning tool?

People in Mental Health Recovery
  • Practice problem solving through barriers to recreation and uncover new strategies to use to do a recreation activity·       
  • Action Planning process kick starts the process to try a new activity in their own lives
Recreation Providers and Practitioners
  • Learn about barriers people in mental health recovery may face in accessing your programs and services
  • Understand what supports you can offer to help people get to your programs and stay long enough to experience benefits

Who developed this tool?

The Recreation for Mental Health Project Team formed in 2012. They created this tool to share knowledge generated by the research project about creating welcoming and inclusive enviroments for people with mental challenges. Its development has included trials in both recreation practitioner trainings and in clinical recreation and occupational therapy settings. This tool has been further developed and administered through Recreation Nova Scotia.

How do I order?

Contact Debbie Bauld at Recreation Nova Scotia at or by calling 902-425-1128

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How much does it cost?


Game Content List:

  • 1 game mat
  • Card decks: Activities, Barriers and Strategies/Supports
  •  Detailed instructions and discussion guide