Nova Scotia Quality of Life Survey

How can we work together to be happier, healthier and more fulfilled in all areas of our lives? We think these are questions worth asking. Check your mailbox in late April for an opportunity to participate in the Nova Scotia Quality of Life Survey. By filling it out, you will help ensure a unique Quality of Life Report is created for your region! It will also ensure the issues most important to the health and happiness of you and your family receive closer attention. By completing the survey you will have the opportunity to enter for a chance to win 1 of 25 Sobeys gift cards (value $400 each!) This is a first-of-its-kind survey for Nova Scotia. This initiative is being led by Engage Nova Scotia with the support of Nova Scotia Community College and Local Leadership Teams across the region.
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Men’s U19 World Floorball Championships

Did You Know? Halifax is hosting the Men’s U19 World Floorball Championships in May? This is the first time this emerging sport’s tournament will be played outside of Europe. We encourage you to cheer on our Canadian athletes as Canada hosts the world. Discover more and buy tickets here:

Valley Female Leadership Network Resources

The Valley Female Leadership Network is excited to share the following opportunities in our region:


Women Active NS Trendsetters Awards – Saturday April 27th in Halifax.
Trendsetters Nominations.
Coach Mentorship Program.
Coaching Processional Development Session – Anxiety Reduction Techniques in Digby.
Valley Female Leadership Network – Upcoming CAAWS Workshops.

1.Women Active NS Trendsetters Awards – The 4th annual Trendsetters awards will take place on Saturday April 27th in Halifax. More information:


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Trendsetter Awards 2019

You won’t want to miss this annual awards luncheon hosted by WomenActive-NS! The Annual Trendsetter Awards Luncheon is in it’s 4th year, on a mission to celebrate women and girls who lead the pack and trailblaze in the areas of sport, recreation and physical activity in Nova Scotia.

This year, we have some exciting new twists to our program including our soon-to-be announced Awards Artist and Award Winners!


Introducing: our Emcee, Portia Clark, and Keynote Speaker, Justine Colley-Leger!!

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This year at our Summit we are offering something new

At the NSFA 2019 Summit we are offering a new program: a full day Smart Alice Intervention Training from Alice House focused on identifying signs of domestic violence. As fitness instructors, we interact with so many people on a very regular basis. With the movement towards better mental health awareness happening all around us, the skills provided by the Alice House are important and valuable, as much or more so than the other skills we offer our members.

What will I get out of this session?

SmartAlice training provides an easy to remember action model to build participant skills in learning to see warning signs, believe the Victim/Survivor, support them with safety planning, and relieve isolation by providing appropriate referrals.

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Participation App

Want to Sleep Better, Happy Better or even Poop Better? Then get moving! It’s easy with the new (and FREE!) ParticipACTION app, designed to help you fit physical activity into your busy life and reward you with great prizes. Get the app and see how Everything gets better when you get active.