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Recreation for Mental Health

The Recreation for Mental Health (R4MH) is a collaborative effort of Dalhousie University, Recreation Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA). The overall purpose of the R4MH project has been to promote collaboration between the health and recreation sectors in Nova Scotia in order to address the challenges associated with community recreation participation commonly experienced by people with mental health challenges. Through the development of practical resources and training based on extensive research, the Recreation for Mental Health Initiative strives to help community organizations create new programs and/or adapt existing ones for individuals with mental health challenges so that all people can experience the mental health benefits of recreation participation.

R4MH Vision:  All Nova Scotians experience the benefits of recreation for mental health.

R4MH Mission:  To work together across recreation and mental health sectors to support the inclusion of people living with mental health challenges in the recreation life of their community.