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What is PLAYBuilder

PlayBuilder is a cloud-based content management and authoring tool for activities and programs that support the development of physical literacy and long-term athlete development.

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Why PLAYBuilder

Effective lesson planning leads to more consistent results but can be very time consuming. Sample lesson plans are a great start, but they often don’t represent the program reality. Meanwhile, the internet is full of great program ideas and resources, but each appears in a different format and may or may not be validated.

PLAYBuilder helps instructors, coaches and teachers by providing access to an extensive database of activities which have all been expert reviewed and tagged to help leaders find activities that match the participants in their programs. PLAYBuilder has the added benefit of allowing leaders to create their own lesson plans by dragging and dropping activities into a plan based on their search criteria.

PLAYBuilder helps organisations by providing a platform on which content can be consistently created, managed and distributed to an internal audience by licencing the platform and to external audiences by making its content available for use by others. PLAYBuilder allows organisations to spend less on websites and graphic design when creating a program and more on creating content and supporting program delivery, while the database structure and tagging process helps to ensure quality.

For organisations (eg. recreation departments and schools) who deliver many different programs. PLAYBuilder allows all of these programs to be accessed in a single location, using a consistent format.

How PLAYBuilder works

PLAYBuilder works by connecting content creators, program delivers and programs leaders on a single platform through a centralized database of activities, progressions, lesson plans and collections.

Organisations who deliver programs licence the software for their users and choose which content they wish to licence. Organisations who create content choose which content they wish to distribute and determine the licencing fees associated.

Who is behind PLAYBuilder

PLAYBuilder been jointly developed by the Sport for Life Society and Momentum IT Group to help individuals and organisations deliver quality sport and physical literacy programs. The aims is to allow organisations to spend less time and money creating content and more time supporting programing, while helping program leaders access quality content.