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Recreation Nova Scotia is hosting a Becoming a Trainer Workshop on May 29th, 30th and 31st in Debert.  This workshop is filled to capacity but we are planning on hosting a second Trainer workshop in July.

The HIGH FIVE® Trainer workshop is a 2.5 day training designed for people responsible for training staff in an organization or for folks simply interested in helping to deliver training to multiple agencies who believe in ensuring children have the best way to play!  Trainers often become community champions who  help organizations improve the quality of programs by making a commitment to continuous improvement in the area of healthy child development and training delivery.

As a certified Trainer, you will be able deliver training that provides participants with nationally recognized certification in the sport and recreation industry. Several municipalities, non for profit organizations and service providers in Nova Scotia  now either require or recommend HIGH FIVE® certification for employment. For many of you who may be with a HIGH FIVE® Organization, once you are certified as a Trainer, delivery of HIGH FIVE®trainings becomes easy and more cost-effective for your Organization.

Learner Outcomes

At the completion of this workshop, learners will be able to:

  • Identify the history, purpose, and scope of HIGH FIVE®
  • Identify youth and adult learning styles
  • Use creative techniques and effective communication skills to deliver HIGH FIVE content
  • Deliver HIGH FIVE® Workshops with confidence

Successful candidates will receive a certificate.

If you would like to register for the workshop in July, please contact the HIGH FIVE office for more information. Email Debbie at  or call 425-1128 ext 3

HIGH FIVE® Nova Scotia Trainers

 Central Region

  • Adams, Tony
  • Bauld, Debbie
  • Burns-Gagnon, Tracy
  • Clark, Karen
  • Clarke, Sean
  • Coley, Sarah
  • Donnelly, Linda
  • Edwards, Suzy
  • Edwards, Warren
  • Fraser, Viola
  • Fraser, Rosella
  • Gillis, Colin
  • Glasgow, Lillian
  • Harding, Andrew
  • Hartlin, Tony
  • Hubley, David
  • Jay, Wayne
  • Jewers, Seana
  • Jollimore, Peter
  • Latham, Paula
  • Lockhart, Judy
  • MacAloney, Nancy
  • MacNeil, Heather
  • MacPhee, Kathryn
  • Magloir, David
  • McDow, Mickie
  • McMullen, Lana
  • Milligan, Dianne
  • Moffatt, Sherri
  • Munro, Mary Angela
  • Murphy, Douglas
  • Petten, Candice
  • Sampson, Patti
  • Shirley, Jeannine
  • Shirley, Shawna
  • Taker, Jody
  • Williams, Nicholas

 Cape Breton Region

  • Bernard, Kelly
  • Denny, Levi
  • Devoe, Krista
  • Dicks, Christa
  • Marshall, Maybard
  • Mombourquette, Sharla
  • Pitre, Priscilla
  • Sampson-MacLean, Colette
  • Sylliboy, Arnold
  • White, Donna

 Yarmouth – Shelburne

  • Dedrick, Adam
  • D’entremont, Natalie

South Shore Region

  • Branchaud, Michelle
  • Haughn, Chad
  • McCracken, Peter
  • Payne, Trudy
  • Rand, Janice
  • Stapledon, Damion

 Fundy Region

  • Bird, Rachel
  • Brown, David
  • D’ Arcy, Dawn
  • Paul, Joan
  • Robblee, Terri
  • Simms, Ashley

 Valley Region

  • Aucoin, Kelly
  • Burgess, Tracy
  • Coolen, Jennifer
  • Jackson, Jill
  • Sherwood, Anna
  • White, Cathy

 Highland Region

  • Butler, Heather
  • Corbin, Paul
  • Gunn, Rae
  • Tavares, Angela


Download: HIGH FIVE®  Trainer Application Form



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