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Registration OPEN! Spring Symposium // May 27 & 28 // Brigadoon Village, NS.

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Keynote at the 2015 Conference: Dr. Marc Langlois

It’s time for a shift. As Canada’s National Recreation Statement points out, nearly all recreation occurs in community, making community activities essential to happiness. But the truth is, we are not fully tapping into community recreation’s potential. It’s time for us to become innovative with our approaches and gather inspiration from others’ success. Recreation! Innovation!…


Recreation Nova Scotia 18th Annual Conference!


Active Kids Healthy Kids Bulletin: April 2015

monthly ebulletin thanks to Natasha Warren of Dept of Health and Wellness! AKHK Bulletin April 2015


International Physical Literacy Conference 2015

If you’ve been wondering why you should attend the International Physical Literacy Conference 2015 (IPLC2015) held in Vancouver, BC from June 13-16, then wonder no longer! The detailed program is available now and will show you exactly which of the 90 sessions speak specifically to your work or field, and which will fuel your passion…


Citizenship and Immigration Canada Inter-Action Events Funding

Funding is provided under the stream for events that support the following: Building an integrated, socially cohesive society by building bridges to promote intercultural understanding, or by fostering citizenship, civic memory, civic pride, and respect for core democratic values grounded in our history. For information, visit

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