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Healthy Minds in Active Bodies





Written by Caleb Leduc and Dr. Michel Lariviere

Healthy Minds in Active Bodies is a resource for supervisors of after school programs that are being delivered to children and youth of all ages. It has been developed by the Canadian Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS), as part of the Canadian Active After School Partnership (CAASP), and aims to foster positive mental health in children and youth through participation in quality, active after school programs. This resource provides information regarding the links between participation in quality, active after school programs and children and youth’s mental health, including the association between participation in physical activity and mental health benefits. A practical checklist is provided to help leaders (i.e. after school program front-line staff and volunteers) to reflect on and enhance current programs, practices and policies. This resource also provides recommended links to other publications and organizations where further information and guidance can be found. It is our hope that Healthy Minds in Active Bodies will help program supervisors inform and guide front-line staff on the importance of quality, active after school programming and its impact on children and youth’s mental health. (from the Introduction from

Healthy Minds in Active Bodies Resource)

The resource comes with the following tools for supervisors for use in afterschool programs:

  • How Does Your Program Stack up? A Program Checklist
  • Promoting Mental Health Amongst  Girls and Young Women
  • Promoting Mental Health Amongst  Children and Youth with a Disability
  • Tool for Talking with Children
  • Tool for Talking with Parents
  • Tool for Talking with Staff
  • A Guide for Parents

For more information about the Healthy Minds in Active Bodies resource and tools



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