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Shared Strategy for Advancing Recreation in Nova Scotia

We are pleased to share information about the Shared Strategy for Advancing Recreation in Nova Scotia; a collaborative recreation strategy for our province. 

An electronic version is attached for your reference.  A handy one-pager is available.

ssthumbnail-232x3002Goal 1: Active Living
To foster active, healthy living through recreation.

Goal 2: Inclusion and Access
To increase inclusion and access to recreation for populations that face constraints to participation.

Goal 3: Connecting People and Nature
To help people connect to nature through recreation.

Goal 4: Supportive Environments
To ensure the provision of supportive physical and social environments that encourage participation in recreation and build strong, caring communities.

Goal 5: Recreation Capacity
To ensure the continued growth and sustainability of the recreation field.


An Implementation Team has been formed to develop an action plan in moving provincial initiatives forward.

Highlights to share are:

  • Due to parallel processes, the Nova Scotia Shared Strategy uses the Pathways to Wellbeing – A Framework for Recreation (FRC) endorsed by F/P/T minister in February 2015 as its foundation.
  • Nova Scotia is the first province in Canada to advance the FRC by making the framework the basis for our provincial strategy.
  • What is interesting and what has also been a challenge with the Shared Strategy is the word SHARED;  It is not common practice, for government and a sector to work together in the creation of a document like this. It means that the recreation sector, RNS and government all have a responsibility to advance the strategy and ensure it is used as a priority setting and direction setting document. The “shared” component is something that we are all going to have to work to remember.


Shared Strategy Successes

Nous sommes tres enthousiastes que le document, Stratégie d’avancement commune du loisir en Nouvelle-Écosse est maintenant traduit !
Veuillez visiter ce lien pour voir le document.

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