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Nova Scotia Outdoor Network is Nova Scotia's main resource to find outdoor spaces, events and skill building opportunities easily and quickly, so you can get out and enjoy the outdoors.

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What the Outdoor Network Does

The Nova Scotia Outdoor Network, a project of Recreation Nova Scotia, is a coalition of the NS outdoor sector which will strengthen and support the outdoor community in our province through communication, sharing, collaboration and celebration. Its vision is an outdoor community meaningfully connected to one another, to resources and to learning and stewardship opportunities. Ultimately, the Outdoor Network aims to encourage Nova Scotians to get outside more often and participate in low-impact, nature-based activities.Its strategic directions include:

  1. Capacity Building
  2. Communications
  3. Skill Building, Leadership and Education
  4. Professional Networking and Development
  5. Research and Evaluation
  6. Advocacy

Download the  pdf Nova Socita Outdoor Network Strategic Plan (8.45 MB)

Key Priorities for 2019

  • Annual Summit
  • Networking opportunities for practitioners 
  • Position/policy papers

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Who Leads the Outdoor Network?

The Outdoor Network Leadership Team (NSON LT) – acts as a governance and sub operations committee of Recreation Nova Scotia, and oversees the Outdoor Network. The NSON LT is made up of outdoor professionals seen as experts in their field from across the province.

Current Members of the NSON LT include:

  • Janet Barlow (Chair) - Hike Nova Scotia
  • Sandra Fraser - Province of Nova Scotia DNR
  • Julia Stephenson - Recreation Professional
  • Heather Kelday - Nova Scotia Sea School

With staff support from:

Fawn Logan-Young- Recreation Nova Scotia
Graham Mounsey- Recreation Nova Scotia
Gabrielle Gallagher- Province of Nova Scotia, CCH

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What is the Purpose of the Leadership Team?

The NSON Leadership Team is a governance and sub-operations committee of the RNS Board of Directors, and reports directly to the board. As leadership for the NSON, it will identify the processes and structures needed to fulfill the NSON’s strategic plan. The Leadership Team shares the NSON’s values, which are based on a community that:

● Promotes low-impact outdoor recreation lifestyles
● Is meaningfully connected
● Plays, learns and supports outdoor leadership
● Understands the importance of healthy and safe natural spaces
● Uses and promotes evidence-based research and practice
The Leadership Team will:
● Create annual action/work plans and budgets that address key priorities in the strategic plan
● Identify roles and responsibilities of outdoor stakeholders in implementing annual action plans and engage and collaborate with those stakeholders in implementation
● Meet regularly to guide and monitor implementation of the NSON strategic plan
● Identify working groups to help guide implementation of aspects of the strategic plan and recruit outdoor stakeholders to be active members of these working groups
● Provide high-level guidance for regular province-wide NSON Summits
● Communicate regularly to outdoor stakeholders

For those with an interest in applying to be on the Nova Scotia Outdoor Network Leadership Team, please complete the form below and send to


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