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More RNS staffing news; goodbye and welcome!

RNS thanks and bids well-wishes to Janet Barlow, our outgoing Coordinator of the Outdoor Network and  Janet will be focusing her energy at Hike NS where her position has developed into a Full Time one!  During Janet’s time at RNS, she successfully helped launch the Outdoor Network’s strategic plan and supported the implementation of it by recruiting strong sub-committees of the Outdoor Advisory Council.  She also successfully developed a new funding relationship with TD band to support regional and provincial collaboratories across the province to bring Outdoor leaders and enthusiasts together.  

With, Janet managed the transition to a provincial supportive model, supported the management team, developed quality control methods, connected with new partners and creatively begun to market the new provincial website.  Many thanks to Janet for her contributions to our sector!

AAANNNNDDD…. Introducing our new Shared Strategy Coordinator: Heather Hanlon!

Heather has most recently been employed by the Town of Bridgewater, where she worked as the Program Coordinator for Parks, Recreation & Culture Department.  Heather sat on the South Shore Connect Committee, and worked hard to shift Bridgewater Recreation to include more opportunity for outdoor play.  Heather Studied Recreation and Leisure at Brock University where she graduated with a Major in Outdoor Recreation.  She then went on to complete a Master of Science in Ecotourism at Edinburgh Napier University.  Heather’s interests include camping, hiking, canoeing and many other things that happen outside.  She also enjoys helping others get outside and play!

Welcome Heather!  She can be reached at hhanlon(@) or at 902-425-1128 ext 2.  


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