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Election Material – Provincial Election

PROVINCIAL ELECTION 2017 – RNS raises issues with candidates and party leaders.

The power and potential of recreation needs to be highlighted during the 2017 Provincial Election.

To help give recreation greater profile, RNS has sent the following letter to the majority of candidates running in this election.  Should you wish to use any of the following information in your dealings with candidates, please do so!

Dear Candidate:

The provision of quality recreation opportunities for residents and visitors has long been a priority in this province. It is why people choose to live here, visit as tourists, establish their businesses here, raise their families here, retire here, and to call Nova Scotia home. Our quality of life is greatly enhanced by the natural environment, a network of recreation facilities, a rich cultural heritage, an army of volunteers, and some of the best recreation professionals anywhere who know the needs and provide a myriad of quality programs and services. Recreation including sport, the arts, outdoor pursuits, hobbies, and so on to keep Nova Scotians active, healthy and happy; and helps to build strong sustainable communities. Engagement in positive forms of recreation during free time serves as an antidote to many of the ills of society such as drinking, drug use and other forms of addictive behaviour, obesity, various lifestyle related diseases, boredom, loneliness, depression, bullying, to name but a few.

Recreation is indeed essential and the work of the recreation field is to build the social fabric of communities.  As the potential party in government, we encourage you to consider what leadership you will provide to ensure continuance of the quality of life that Nova Scotians expect and deserve.  During this election campaign, Recreation Nova Scotia strongly urges you to consider your vision for the people of this province, what role recreation plays in that overall vision, and what leadership you and your party are prepared to provide to ensure access to quality recreation for all Nova Scotians.  The recreation sector’s work is influenced based on a new document titled ‘Shared Strategy for Advancing Recreation in Nova Scotia’.  This strategy tells us…

What’s important now?

Active living

Recreation programs and facilities in our communities are helping Nova Scotians of all ages have the knowledge and skills to be active for life.

Inclusion and access

Recreation programs and facilities should be focused on reducing barriers and constraints to participation to ensure quality recreation for all Nova Scotians.

Connecting people and nature

Opportunities for more Nova Scotians to be recreating outdoors and be stewards to the natural environment should be fostered.

Supportive environments

Built, natural and social environments need to be be supported through recreation programs and facilities to encourage increased meaningful participation.

Recreation capacity

A stronger professional recreation sector is supported in being an essential service contributing to positive public good.

For more information about the strategy, please visit

Recreation Nova Scotia strongly urges you to place recreation high on your agenda and to discuss the issues we have raised here during your campaign. Certainly our members will be expecting to hear your views and will be asking for your opinions at political rallies and gatherings over the next few days.

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