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Election Material – Municipal Election

MUNICIPAL ELECTION 2016 – RNS raises issues with candidates and party leaders.

The power and potential of recreation needs to be highlighted during the 2016 Municipal Election.

To help give recreation greater profile, RNS has created a 2-page document entitled “Recreation: Why does it Matter?”

This easy to read  document outlines:

– how recreation can support the wider objective of making communities more livable
– how the goals in the Shared Strategy for Advancing Recreation in Nova Scotia are important
– how municipal officials can support recreation in their community

This document was created for recreation stakeholders to highlight recreation to their candidates.  They are available for you to use as you see fit.  RNS will be sending this document to all municipal election candidates as well.

There are two near-identical documents that serve different purposes.

1) The PDF “2016 Mun Election Rec Bulletin” is complete and suitable for generic use province-wide.

2) The Word-document “Custom_2016 Mun Election Rec Bulletin” is customizable to include local photos and local recreation professional contact information.

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