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2017 RNS Conference – Keynote Speaker

Gerald R. Gloade

Gerald R. Gloade is an artist and educator who is currently the Program Development Officer for the Mi’kmawey Debert Project based in Truro, Nova Scotia. He started his career working as a Graphic Designer for the Nova Scotia Department. of Natural Resources’ Communications and Education Branch more than 30 years ago. The focus of his work with the Province moved from forestry education and graphic art to sharing his culture and history in the landscape and environment of Mi’kma’ki with audiences of all ages.

Located near a cluster of twelve 13,300 year-old Paleo Indian sites, the Mi’kmawey Debert Project’s primary goal is to build a Mi’kmaw Cultural Center to protect the sites and share their stories. As an artist, educator and Mi’kmaw storyteller, Gerald guides the development of visitor and educational programs for the future cultural centre.  His stories and interpretations of the Kluskap legends in particular have captured many audiences. This new position has taken Gerald and his wife Natalie, and their 2 sons, Gerald Donovan and Kyle, on the road throughout Mi’kma’ki, revisiting the many sacred places found in the Kluskap legends.

“It’s Time for us to Introduce Ourselves to Nova Scotia”

From the traditional district of Unama’kik, in the land of the Mi’kmaw, we look at the traditions, culture and heritage of the Mi’kmaw people.

By looking at the way of our ancestors, through our practices and protocols and the verb based language we see that our lives here were not just based on hunting, fishing and gathering for our daily survival.

We had always prepared and provided for our families and communities’ needs, ahead of time, allowing us time to entertain ourselves during our leisure time.

Sports and recreation were a very strong part of our daily activities and even as children we were taught applied skills to use in preparation for our adult lives.

These activities gave us important lessons in hand-eye coordination, health and well being, and ecological knowledge as it related, and we related to, the natural world around us.

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